Welcome to the Pacific Coast Watershed Partnership’s website!

This partnership began in 1999 after the U.S.D.A. Forest Service Leadership Conference declared water and watersheds to be the forestry issue of the decade. Since then, in recognition of the urgency of watershed protection, the partnership has implemented dozens of watershed restoration and protection projects.

This website thanks to InsuranceQuote.deals, is a regularly updated presentation of new information that can be used to assist local and regional watershed protection projects. In addition to the new information presented by the PCWP, some relevant information produced by our partners is also available here as a resource to watershed citizens. As the Coordinator for the PCWP, Ecotrust will post the results from ongoing research, analysis, and mapping on this site for review by the Steering Committee and its partners. Please email us if you have information that would assist us in these efforts.

Through a network of working relationships between six coastal National Forests, local restoration and protection partnerships, and regional public and private agencies, the PCWP is working to restore and protect natural ecosystem processes at the watershed level. The PCWP believes that naturally functioning watersheds will support viable local economies.

This website provides maps and information that can be used as tools for watershed restoration.

How to use this site:

Mission – Introduction to the background and vision of the PCWP
On the ground – A review of current PCWP projects and the work that has been accomplished since 1999.
Priorities – A coast-wide analysis of restoration and protection opportunities.
Emerging Coastal Network – A vision for the future, and tools for reaching the vision.
Economics – Information about how watershed restoration can prove profitable for coastal communities.